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Back Office Operation

Data Entry

Data Conversion & Transcription

Data Research & Mining

Document Management

Invoice & Report Generation


Clearance & Account Settlement

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Insurance Process

Total Workflow Management

Our special team takes care of every step in insurance eg. Policy Issuence, UW, Claims ,Mid term changes etc
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Web and Chat Services

Real-Time Solutions

On the spot Conversions

Online sales

Customer Service

Installation & Maintenance issues

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Comapny Overview

M&P's departure to structural coordination offers freedom to both provider and client to pursue independent of this outsourcing transaction and business initiatives. Increasing returns and interacting structures are our basis to follow up. The delivery models for our standard services are mature and scalable enough to cope with our clients demand and we are looking forward to the new ways to drive productivity and visualization. We believe that our clients are seriously looking at outsourcing to solve many of their performance issues and we are geared up to give them the cost-savings services they hope for. We provide services to improve their support operations such as application support and standard transaction business processes, where the common denominator has been cost reduction via high scale labor arbitrage. We use high end technology and have deep domain-specific consultative support and a skilled change management system.

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