About Us

How It Works

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The capabilities of M&P’s skilled staff make it easier for organizations to improve service levels to retain existing customers, launch new companies or lines of business (LOB), and enter new markets to increase new business and grow the company’s bottom line. Unlike offshoring companies which employ horizontal process experts with no specific industry vertical or domain expertise, M&P hires only experts, thereby redefining the concept of outsourcing for the entire industry. M&P is committed towards delivering the quality work. Our experts are well trained in Lean and Six sigma methodology hence a quality product is introduced. M&P believes, no work is small. From simple data entry to a complex workflow management, we give equal attention and work as per clients requirements.

Our Skills

M&P rating on an average till date

  • 98%
    Accuracy maintaned
  • 90%
    Skilled Processor rest 10% are trainees
  • 90%
    Six Sigma Certified
  • 80%
    Certified Programmers
  • 98%
    TAT Meeting
Step 1

Send us your Requirements Including-

  • Representative sample of data
  • Volume of work
  • Accuracy required (Double or Single Entry)
  • Turnaround time
  • Communication details
  • Proposed start date

Step 2

We process your data to the requirement as a test to ensure the output meets your needs

Step 3

You provide us with feedback on our test and we agree changes, if any

Step 4

We send you a proposal covering the scope of work, our service agreement and contract

Step 5

You sign the contract, sit back, relax, refocus, and let us churn out the data exactly the way you want!