M&P Infotech

Back Office Operation

Data Entry

Data Conversion & Transcription

Data Research & Mining

Document Management

Invoice & Report Generation


Clearance & Account Settlement

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Insurance Process

Total Workflow Management

Our special team takes care of every step in insurance eg. Policy Issuence, UW, Claims ,Mid term changes etc
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Web and Chat Services

Real-Time Solutions

On the spot Conversions

Online sales

Customer Service

Installation & Maintenance issues

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Banking Solutions

Payment Processing,Report Generation,Cost Accounting & General Accounting,Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable,Inventory Management.Almost every important part in banking we cover. Rest assured of good business after outsourcing to us Claims Adjustments & Collections

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Insurance Workflow Management

We at M&P give end to end management solutions for insurance companies.Right from the policy issuance to claims processing. We have trained resources who works well in managing insurance workflows ( Mid term changes,Address update,Claims processing,Credential reports) almost everything .

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data entry services

Emerging concepts such as big data highlight just how valuable data is to entities. The potency of data cannot be tapped into if there is no mechanism for input. This is where we come in with our data entry services. We at M&P Infotech, offer data entry services to different types of organizations that prefer outsourcing their data entry function to performing it in-house.

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Form Processing

We all know how laborious and expensive form processing can be. Forms are usually visages of bureaucratic systems that we have come to abhor. You are required to process insurance claim forms, survey or market research forms, account or tax forms, resumes, legal forms, e-mail forms, online forms, invoice or purchase orders, membership application forms, immigration forms and questionnaires.

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Back Office Operations

M&P Infotech Management is providing workflow management across the globe.Highly skilled executive put value in workflow and hence the process becomes smoothing. Be it indexing the request or processing the request all becomes high quality once performed by our executives.

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Web and Chat Services

In the competitive world of business customer satisfaction is the biggest challenge.To provide web and chat services for your customer is now very easy. We at M&P hire highly educated staff who can help businesses by enabling quality customer care by web and Chat. If you have any business where customer needs immediate support you can outsource web and chat process to us..

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What Client's Say

M&P Infotech Management Pvt Ltd

M&P is a leading provider of business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing services. We leverage the right blend of innovative technology, business analytics and industry expertise to consistently deliver customized, high quality, cost-saving services and solutions. Committed to innovation and excellence, M&P delivers world-class services such as Banking and Finance, Travel, Transportation, Logistics & Hospitality, Healthcare, Medical billing and coding, Accounts Receivable Management, Life sciences and Technology & Media.
Outsourcing services are continuously gaining trust for big companies since they are growing by outsourcing the time consuming and lengthy work . Now only one task left , Concentrate on core job and expand the business. M&P infotech management is continuously implementing the lean six sigma and other quality tools the processes and eliminating the useless steps and giving efficiency to the process. This is a huge benefit for the client. We are equal serious about the work, be it a simple data entry or a complex UW insurance pricing. Our main services which we deliver with lean and six sigma tool implementation are-

M&P Infotech Management work on principle - "Clients First"

We are commited to deliver what is expected by our clients.

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